Remember These Shows?

A friend and I were talking about some of the after school and Saturday morning shows we used to watch when we were little, so I thought I’d post some up to take some of you down memory lane!  LOVE the theme songs!


Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers:



Sharon, Lois and Bram’s Elephant Show:

Today’s Special:

The World of David the Gnome:

Captain Planet:

Watch This! Not That… #1

So not only do I have a love of design and all things cute (ehhemm.. Hello Kitty) but I also LOVE movies and tv shows!  I’ve decided to start a new “themed” post along with my “hello kitty happy hour.” I will brief you on what I’ve watched and whether you should give it the time of day or not. So here it is!


1. The Round Up (La rafle.)IMDb, trailer

I’m always interested in movies related to The Holocaust so here’s one of them.  Well-told story, touching, outstanding cast.












2. Spirit of the Marathon – IMDb, trailer

I watched this on hulu the other day.  Really great documentary about the history of how the marathon came about and follows the lives of different marathoners training for the Chicago Marathon. Kind of me want to try running a marathon… kind of…












3. The Choir – official site

I just discovered BBC America on my cable a few months back and I’m hooked on this show!  It’s a reality show about a charismatic Choirmaster,  Gareth Malone, who tries to create choirs in the most difficult and unlikely settings. There have been three seasons so far and I’ve loved all three (Northolt Phoenix Choir, Boys Don’t Sing, Unsung Town.  Every episode is moving — you get drawn into each person’s life and you just want to root for the choir Gareth is teaching and for Gareth as well. Seriously check it out! You won’t be disappointed.  Every time I watch it, it makes me want to go out and join a choir! Here’s a little preview of “Boys Don’t Sing” series!



1. Devil – IMDb, trailer

I’m sorry to say, but there’s just no redeeming yourself in this one, either, M. Night Shyamalan…

2. Monsters – IMDb, trailer

I think I expected a little too much on this one.  The characters were bland, the script was bland, it was allll bland… I say you’re better off watching District 9 because that was an awesome movie!

3. Knight and Day – IMDb, trailer

Tom Cruise needs to stick to Mission Impossible and Cameron Diaz.. I don’t know… The trailer pretty much showed all the good parts.