GEICO Piggy Commercial: Stop The Wee-ing Already!

This wee weeing commercial makes me want to pull my hair out! I’ll start off by giving GEICO some credit for some of their funny commercials, but let’s face it, they sure do know how to run their commercials down to the ground. This one, however, is just plain unbearable and unbelievably annoying. Sure, I can change, the channel. But before I realize it’s the piggy commercial, the “wee-wee-wee-ing” has already started and been engraved in my head… Thanks GEICO for letting me know who I DON’T want as my car insurance provider.  State Farm – I’m sorry to say that you’re following close behind with your cheesy-line commercials as well…

Chrysler Town and Country Commercial: What Does It Mean??

Ok, so I’ve been seeing this commercial a ton of times and I DON’T GET IT… First off, why do the kids want to race that other kid home?  And why would he jump into his mom’s van (YEA, the trunk just so happened to be open for him to jump right in before his mom drove off). I agree with some of the comments below. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!  And it’s starting to really annoy me every time it comes on. I mean really, does this commercial really make you want to go out and buy a Chrysler Town and Country van?