Watch This! Not That… #5


1. Candyman: the David Klein StoryIMDb, trailer

Really interesting documentary about David Klein, the quirky eccentric man behind the Jelly Belly jellybeans. Find out the real story of how the Jelly Belly brand became. For those of you who remember ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, he makes an appearance as well!












2. BreakoutInfo, trailer

A National Geographic series that documents how prisoners plan and break out of prison. Really cool how they shot the series with graphic sketches to show their escape route.  The actual prisoners tell their story while actors reenacted everything.  You will be surprised by how intelligent they really with their scheming — apparently, just not smart enough to stay off the grid!








3. Never Let Me GoInfo, trailer

Starring Kiera Knightly, Andrew Garfield, and Carey Mulligan. Three close childhood friends grow up in a boarding school and then finally have to come to terms with and face what their purpose in life is. Very well told and beautifully captured.  Definitely watch!












1. The AmericanIMDb, trailer

Sure, it’s George Clooney. Who cares, the movie could not have been more dry and boring…

2. Skyline –IMDB, trailer

I guess I had already expected for it to be bad.  But it was seriously so bad that I just couldn’t finish it. This was beyond bad!

Watch This! Not That… #4


1. 127 HoursIMDb, trailer

Awesome based on a true story movie of an outdoor adventurer who gets his arm stuck under a boulder. Danny Boyle did an excellent job directing this film and I’m glad he stuck to his creative indie style. James Franco was perfect the role too. If you’ve got a weak stomach, prepare yourself for the “nerve cutting” scene!












2. Ride the Great DivideIMDb, trailer

This is a really cool documentary about three people’s experiences while they try to finish and conquer the world’s toughest cross-country mountain bike race alone.











3. Kray (aka The Edge)IMDb, trailer

It’s very rare I get the chance to watch Russian films, but I really did enjoy this one.  If you like a good action-drama with steam engine trains and a bit of history in it, this is the movie for you!












1. Tron: LegacyIMDb, trailer

I definitely went in with too high of expectations.  First off, only some parts of the movie was 3D (what a waste).  Sure, the movie had some well-respected actors like Jeff Bridges and Michael Sheen, but there’s just no saving the cheesy dialogues and horrible plot.  Also, don’t expect to see a lot of fighting scenes if that’s your thing…

2. Eat Pray LoveIMDb, trailer

I think this movie was hyped up a TADDDD too much — was not good at all.  The soundtrack didn’t do much for me either.

Watch This! Not That… #3


1. The TownIMDb, trailer

Ben Affleck did a great job writing and directing this film.  He plays an experienced thief who falls for someone he kidnaps and releases during one of his heists.  You really want to root for his character who tries to leave what he’s known and done all his life to build a new one with his new-found love.  Mad Men’s John Ham also did a fantastic job playing the FBI agent who always seems be one step behind Affleck’s character, and just can’t seem to quite keep up.  If you like an action-crime thriller with some drama, this is the film for you!












2. Aftershock – IMDb, trailer

This is a film about the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake in China which claimed the lives of  240,000 people.  Chinese director, Feng Xiaogang, known for his successful box office comedies, did a wonderful job capturing the affected lives of the victims. The cinematography was great, but what really made the movie was how the director grabs the viewer and let’s you experience the struggle for survival, sacrifices, and love that the victims had to endure and overcome.  Be sure to have a box of tissue next to you on this one.












3. Girl Who Played With Fire IMDb, trailer

The second film of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  Usually sequels can be a hit or miss, but this one’s just as good so definitely watch if you get the chance! You get to learn more about Lizbeth Salander’s past and her relationship with her father.














1. PredatorsIMDb, trailer

I’m not even sure why I watched this to tell you the truth…  Well, the scenes in the trailer did make it seem interesting.  There wasn’t much of a plot, dialogue was dry, horrible casting. Enough said.













2. The HordeIMDb, trailer

This movie was pretty much just an excuse to be able to make something filled with purely blood and gore.  The storyline wasn’t good and the ending was crap… If you like zombie movies, opt for something else like Rec (the REAL Spanish version with subs).












Watch This! Not That… #2


1. The Girl with a Dragon TattooIMDb, trailer

The first movie made of Stieg Larsson’s book trilogy. There’s a Hollywood version of this film being made, but we all know how that usually turns out… Don’t ruin it for yourself and watch the original!















2. BabiesIMDb, trailer

Super cute movie. No narrative. Just adorable babies in their own different surroundings.  Be sure to catch the ending where they show present photos of each baby!
















3. Jackass 3DIMDb, trailer

Want a movie that requires no thinking?  Here it is!  Super hilarious and they DEFINITELY took advantage of the 3D effect! Absolutely disgusting, I love it!















1. Splice – IMDb, trailer

Just plain HORRIBLE.  The trailer is very misleading. You think this alien thing is going to escape and complete mayhem will break out. Uh, no… not AT ALL what happens. Don’t waste your time or money on this one.

2. MacGruber – IMDb, trailer

Okay, I know this is suppose to be stupid funny, but this one’s just too much… I say go watch Jackass instead!

Watch This! Not That… #1

So not only do I have a love of design and all things cute (ehhemm.. Hello Kitty) but I also LOVE movies and tv shows!  I’ve decided to start a new “themed” post along with my “hello kitty happy hour.” I will brief you on what I’ve watched and whether you should give it the time of day or not. So here it is!


1. The Round Up (La rafle.)IMDb, trailer

I’m always interested in movies related to The Holocaust so here’s one of them.  Well-told story, touching, outstanding cast.












2. Spirit of the Marathon – IMDb, trailer

I watched this on hulu the other day.  Really great documentary about the history of how the marathon came about and follows the lives of different marathoners training for the Chicago Marathon. Kind of me want to try running a marathon… kind of…












3. The Choir – official site

I just discovered BBC America on my cable a few months back and I’m hooked on this show!  It’s a reality show about a charismatic Choirmaster,  Gareth Malone, who tries to create choirs in the most difficult and unlikely settings. There have been three seasons so far and I’ve loved all three (Northolt Phoenix Choir, Boys Don’t Sing, Unsung Town.  Every episode is moving — you get drawn into each person’s life and you just want to root for the choir Gareth is teaching and for Gareth as well. Seriously check it out! You won’t be disappointed.  Every time I watch it, it makes me want to go out and join a choir! Here’s a little preview of “Boys Don’t Sing” series!



1. Devil – IMDb, trailer

I’m sorry to say, but there’s just no redeeming yourself in this one, either, M. Night Shyamalan…

2. Monsters – IMDb, trailer

I think I expected a little too much on this one.  The characters were bland, the script was bland, it was allll bland… I say you’re better off watching District 9 because that was an awesome movie!

3. Knight and Day – IMDb, trailer

Tom Cruise needs to stick to Mission Impossible and Cameron Diaz.. I don’t know… The trailer pretty much showed all the good parts.