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Saving room for dessert?

8 Nov

Then you’ll need to check out Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins. I got to work with amazing photographer Julia Vandenoever to shoot the cover and food feature for the Fall issue of Fort Collins Magazine and love how it turned out!


Summer in Breckenridge!

26 Jun

This issue was a lot of fun to work on. Tiny homes, summer summit life hacks, delicious food — make sure you pick up a copy if you’re in the area or check out!

Taking on Breckenridge Magazine

23 Jul

It’s been a year since I started working on Breckenridge Magazine, so yea… I think it’s about time to post some work from it. The major design change made is the cover. I’ve given it a more updated look. With some creative freedom, I also had some fun with the features. Here’s a few samples. To see more, please visit And don’t forget to pick up a copy if you’re ever in the area!


Hello Kitty Happy Hour #22

10 May

This is a limited Hello Kitty box of chocolates brought back from Japan.  I love the packaging and all the little details put into it. It’s so cute and adorable I don’t know if I can bring myself to eat them!

Typography Poster Design: Big Texas Beer Tweetup!

10 Mar

Here’s a typography poster I designed for a friend’s pre-SXSW beer event – Big Texas Beer Tweetup.  If you’re in town, definitely swing by and check it out!

Austin Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival

7 Nov

I checked out the Austin Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival this weekend and was able to try out a few places. The weather was clear and sunny, lots of families, dogs, live music, and even story reading for the kids! The trailers were set up like how they’re located within the city and there were large street signs to indicate what area you’re in. It was also really cool seeing all the different trailer designs. The lines got quite long by noon so it took on average about 45 mins to get your food.  I was able to try out three different trailers: Chi’ Lantro BBQ, Jalopy, Turf N Surf  Po’ Boys.  I was pretty pleased with all three. My favorites were the Kim Chi fries w/chicken from Chi’ Lantro BBQ, and the mango taco from Jalopy.

Chi’ Lantro BBQ fries with chicken

Chi’ Lantro BBQ beef bulgogi taco

Turf N Surf  Po’ Boys tangy mango pulled pork taco (fully dressed on a rolled jalapeno tortilla)

Turf N Surf  Po’ Boys crawfish etouffee (whole wheat roll with crawfish etouffee, fully dressed)


Look at the cool sandwich slide!

The Original and Son Hong

Skateboard Cupcakes!

24 Oct

Heath bar skateboard cupcakes I made for another coworker’s birthday!

Boba Fett Cookie Cake

22 Oct

Here’s a Boba Fett sugar cookie cake made for a co-worker’s birthday!

Meat Pie GOOD

21 Oct

I went to ACL two weeks ago and when it came time to get some food, I had to choose strategically.  Not only did it need to please my taste buds, but it needed to be easy to eat.  The less I had to get my hands dirty, the better.  My two friends decided to get Boomerang’s meat pie. I’ve never had one before, so I waited for them to get it so that I could try theirs.  Let me tell you – SOOOOO tasty, I had to get one for myself!  We ordered the Guinness Steak and Potato pie.  The crust was light and flaky and inside was a nice, stewy filling of beef, potatoes and onion – the beef was surprisingly tender.  I do have to admit, it was not the easiest food to eat due to the flaky crust, but it was worth it! I hope to try their Southwest Chicken pie next time!

Sorry… couldn’t really get a good shot of the filling inside with my ‘awesome iPhone camera’……