Hello Kitty Happy Hour #24

So last night, my friends talked me into waking up this morning to do a 6AM workout. OMFG it was still PITCH DARK OUTSIDE when I woke up!  Anyways, I’m glad I went because look at these awesome HK goodies they got me!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Now I just have to decide if I’ll actually open them up and use them, or add them to my collection! If you’re wondering why there are two oatmeal packs included with the goodies, it’s because I’ve never had hot oatmeal before (only in cookies and granola bars).  I guess here’s my chance to try them!  Thx B n SX!!!

Blue Genie Art Bazaar 2011 – Don’t Miss It!

This past weekend, I went to Austin’s 11th annual Blue Genie Art Bazaar event.   If you love arts and crafts, or are looking for a unique Christmas present, you are bound to found something there!  Plus, you’ll be supporting the local artists!  They open 7 days a week 10am – 10pm from Nov. 3th0 to Dec. 24th.

Here are some things there that I thought were pretty cool:

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #21

L.A. art gallery, Hold Up Art, is presenting a Hello Kitty exhibition “The 9 Lives of Kitty” from Feb. 19 – Mar. 6.  Sean D’Anconia, one of the 3 featured artists in the event, was kind enough to share some photos of his work in the show!  Thanks Sean!  And if you missed his first Hello Kitty Happy Hour, check it out!