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Hello Kitty Happy Hour #24

21 Sep

So last night, my friends talked me into waking up this morning to do a 6AM workout. OMFG it was still PITCH DARK OUTSIDE when I woke up!  Anyways, I’m glad I went because look at these awesome HK goodies they got me!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Now I just have to decide if I’ll actually open them up and use them, or add them to my collection! If you’re wondering why there are two oatmeal packs included with the goodies, it’s because I’ve never had hot oatmeal before (only in cookies and granola bars).  I guess here’s my chance to try them!  Thx B n SX!!!

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #24

3 Feb

Look at these ADORABLE Hello Kitty bathroom accessories and hardware by modern furniture and furnishings design company Jassio!   Here are just a FEW of the things they carry.  I love the over-sized shower head! To purchase and see everything they have, please visit their online store.

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #21

23 Feb

L.A. art gallery, Hold Up Art, is presenting a Hello Kitty exhibition “The 9 Lives of Kitty” from Feb. 19 – Mar. 6.  Sean D’Anconia, one of the 3 featured artists in the event, was kind enough to share some photos of his work in the show!  Thanks Sean!  And if you missed his first Hello Kitty Happy Hour, check it out!

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #17

9 Nov

Hello Kitty Dr. Martens!!!

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #16

1 Nov

Hello Kitty Chinese takeout candy!

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #15

25 Oct

My friends and I got together to do some pumpkin carving this past weekend.  Hmmm… let me see… what should I carve???

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #14

22 Oct

The smart fortwo car  just got 1,000 times CUTER!!! Check out www.smartusa.com to see the different wraps you can choose from! I want them all!!! Learn more

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #12

14 Oct

Hello Kitty “A Little Book of HAPPINESS” – Just look at it! That’s enough to make you happy!

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #11

13 Oct

Hello Kitty SIGG bottle! I changed out the top b/c hello… have you seen the tip that it comes in?  I’ll die of thirst before actually getting enough water out of that thing! Doesn’t matter. Problem fixed and still very oh so cute!

Hello Kitty Happy Hour #10

12 Oct

Look at this awesome Hello Kitty clock!  My coworkers decided to put it on one of their desk to see if I would notice (with mini-lego star war figures on top of it).  I didn’t notice until earlier this afternoon…  Whatever! It’s mine now!  It not only gives the time, but also gives you the temperature and date! ANDDDDDDD… it lights up in a different color when you push the top of it! LOVE! IT! Can’t get over it!

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