Austin Town Lake Keeps Keeping Austin Weird!

I’ve been jogging at Town Lake lately now that it’s warmer and have been noticing a lot of changes.  Sure, all the new construction on the pedestrian bridge at Lamar and new trail improvements are great, but what I love most is the random art that’s been popping up everywhere.  Pianos have also been set up for whoever wants to play, or draw, on them!  I finally remembered to bring my phone along to take some pics to share. Enjoy!

Pac-Man chalk art on Mopac jogging bridge. (sorry it’s not very clear; it’s been there for a while now so it’s fading)

Piano on 1st St. pedestrian bridge.  Someone was playing on this one and he was awesome!

Piano along Town Lake.

Piano at Lamar Pedestrian Bridge

Dinosaur “Winning”  (OMFG, love it!)

Helicopter Bee Hive

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